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Whether you are engaged in local or international trade, our Marine Cargo Insurance Policy can give you comprehensive protection against the loss of, or damage to your goods during insured transit. We provide “all risks” cover to importers and exporters and can also tailor-made Marine Cargo insurance protection to meet any particular trading circumstances that may be unique to your business.

Our global network of over 500 settling and surveying offices provide you with the most efficient on-site claims services and professional advices.


Marine Insurance Coverage

Three types of marine cover that is defined in the Institute Cargo Clauses which are commonly adopted worldwide and is applicable to “dry cargoes” at your choice are:-

Institute Cargo Clauses (A) / (B) / (C)

There are two versions of the Institute Cargo Clauses, implemented on 1 Jan 1982 and 1 Jan 2009, and both versions are commonly in use by insurers worldwide. The basic coverage of both versions is similar, but with clearer definitions and limited extension in “duration” and other improvements in the latter version. You may click here to learn more about the distinction.


Coverage Extension

MSIG offers special coverage when you have special additional needs, such as:-

  • Coverage other than Incoterm CIF/CPT/CIP
  • Exhibition coverage 
  • Extra storage
  • Hoisting coverage
  • Large cargo with particular care and transportation
  • Marine War
  • Removal of household and personal effects
  • Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions risks

Our cargo insurance does not offer cover for some uninsured risks, such as:-

  • Delay
  • Destruction of cargo 
  • Failure to collect payment from your customer
  • Forbidden and/or prohibited to trade cargo
  • Known loss risk
  • Losses that exceed the amount of coverage
  • Rejection cargo

For professional advice about arranging comprehensive cargo insurance, please contact MSIG directly, or one of our agents or brokers. Rest assured that you will receive expert advice that is best suited to your own particular needs.

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