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Claims Procedure 
Dos & Don'ts 

Claims Procedure:

  1. Please complete the claim form, and submit together with original copies of all relevant documents to us within 30 days from the date of accident to:
    MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited
    Claims Department
    9/F, Cityplaza One
    1111 King’s Road
    Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

To facilitate the processing of your claim, documentary evidence is very important. Examples of documentary evidence included:

  • Repair quotation & receipt for the damaged
  • Purchase receipt for insured property
  • Photographs showing the extent of damage
  • Guarantee/Warranty cards
  • Police report and statement
  • Property management incident report

Important Notes:

  1. Incomplete claim form cannot be accepted for processing of claim.
  2. Further information may be needed.
  3. It is important that a complete answer be given to every question. If insufficient space is provided for your answers, please continue on a separate sheet.
  4. For inquiry, please call our Claims Services Hotline at 2894 0660 or email at claimin@hk.msig-asia.com.
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